Takeaway Menu

| Entrées |

Bhaji | English spinach & onion mixed in a chickpea batter & fried till golden. (2pcs) – 7.00

Samosa | Delicious mixed vegetables wrapped in a light pastry, fried & served with a mint & yoghurt dip. (2pcs) – 7.00

Palak Patta Chaat | Crispy spinach leaves in a lentil batter topped with chickpeas, potatoes, sultanas garnished with tamarind & mint yogurt chutney. 8.95

Lamb Seekh Kabab | Minced lamb w finely chopped onions, ginger, black pepper & skewered on seekhs cooked in the Tandoor. (4pcs) 8.95

Tandoori Chicken Tikka | Tandoori chicken fillets in two styles of marinade, one with spices, ginger, garlic & yogurt & the other also with a different blend of spices & cream. (2 x2pcs) 9.95

Tandoori Chicken | Chicken marinated overnight in a spicy yoghurt mix then cooked in the method giving it its famous name the traditional clay oven called a “Tandoor”. 10.95

Barramundi Punjabi Style | Barramundi fillets marinated in tumeric, ginger, garlic & lemon juice paste lightly pan fried with chickpea batter. 14.95

Desi Chili Prawns | Prawns delicately sautéed with garlic & butter, lightly pan tossed with capsicums, onions & chili. 14.50

Lamb Cutlets | Juicy lamb cutlets marinated overnight in spices yoghurt & lemon juice cooked in the Tandoor. (3pcs) 19.95

| Mixed Entrée for Two |

A tasty selection of Malai Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kabab, Samosa & Bhaji (2 pieces of each). | 24.95

| Main Course|


Butter Chicken | Marinated chicken fillets roasted in the Tandoor then simmered in a spiced sauce of tomato & cream. 16.95

Mango Murgh | Juicy chicken fillets cooked a mouth watering mango sauce finished with a touch cream. 16.95

Murgh Tikka Masala | Tender chicken fillets cooked in the Tandoor then blended w sautéed onions, capsicums & fresh tomatoes sauce. 16.95

Chicken Madras | Spicy chicken curry in an aromatic sauce of spices, ground sun dried chili & dry coconut. 16.95

Ishtoo Chicken | Chicken fillets in a light sauce of coconut milk, ginger, curry leaves, potatoes & select spices. 16.95

South Delhi Methi Chicken | A quirky dish from the capital, Delhi, chicken cooked in a tangy tomato based sauce with coconut cream & lightly flavoured with Methi (dried fenugreek). A must try! 16.95

Chicken Korma | Traditional northern mild curry, a recipe from the royal Moguls, chicken cooked w cashew nuts & mildly spiced. 16.95

Kadai Chicken | A popular dish from Punjab. It is piquant, juicy chicken cooked in tomato and capsicum gravy with freshly ground spices. 16.95


Lamb Jaal Frezi | Tender lamb curry with ginger, garlic & cumin finished with capsicum & onion in medium spiced sauce. 16.95

Rogan Josh | Juicy lamb chunks slow cooked the traditional northern style in a sauce of ground cumin & tomato. 16.95

Achari Gosht | Delhi style lamb cooked in traditional dry ‘pickling’ spices in a rich sauce of tomato & onion. 16.95

Kashmiri Nalli Lamb | Slow cooked lamb shank with select dry spices cooked in a traditional gravy & served on a bed of spiced potatoes. 16.95

Nizami Lamb Korma | A mildly spiced dish, tender pieces of lamb cooked in a sauce of roasted cashew nuts & fresh cream & subtly flavoured with green cardamom. 16.95

Saag Gosht | From Kashmir comes a favourite of the Moghal Emperors diced lamb in a spinach sauce with ginger. 16.95


Beef Daal Cha | A regional favourite, tender beef slow cooked with spices & deliciously sautéed with daal (our tasty mixed lentils) & cooked to perfection. 16.95

Beef Vindaloo | The fabulously fiery flavour of the old Portuguese settlement of Goa, hot tangy & delicious a superbly balanced flavour of aromatic spices. 16.95

Bombay Beef | From the street markets of Bombay comes this combination of potatoes & diced beef cooked in a tangy blend of spices & coconut milk. 16.95

Honey Beef | Diced beef chunks cooked in a selection of ground spices & tomato lightly layered in honey. 16.95

Beef Badami | Mild beef curry cooked with aromatic spices & finished with fresh cream garnished & slivers of almonds. 16.95


Prawn Malabari | Fresh prawns cooked with sautéed onions, capsicum, tomatoes, coconut with a touch of cream. 18.95

Garlic Prawns | Prawns marinated in lemon juice, ginger, garlic & cooked in a red chili cream sauce. 18.95

Goani Fish | From the ex-Portuguese colony comes this spicy blend of Barramundi cooked in coconut milk, ginger, finished with fresh tomatoes. 18.50

Fish Tawa Masala | Barramundi fillets sautéed in light spices with tumeric, garlic & lemon juice finished with onion & capsicums. 18.95


Sabzi Korma | Seasonal vegetables cooked in a tomato & cream sauce a classic mild vegetable dish. 14.95

Bombay Jeera Potato Curry | A delightful spicy combination of masala sautéed potatoes, curry leaves, whole cumin, ginger & tomatoes. 14.95

Dhal Makhani | The much loved curry complement, gently flavoured mixed lentils & beans cooked with ginger, onions tomatoes. 13.50

Hatho Brinjal | Spiced eggplant, potato & peas cooked with fresh tomatoes & roasted coconut in a light sauce. 14.95

Nanima Ke Aloo Beans | Traditional home style recipe, slow cooked potatoes & fresh green beans sautéed with traditional dry spices of cumin, tumeric & ginger. A simple, delicious & healthy dish. 14.95

Malia Kofta | Tasty homemade Paneer & vegetable balls in an onion, ginger & garlic spiced sauce with a touch of cream. 14.95

Aloo Choey | A delicious combination of chickpeas and potato, sautéed and simmered in a variety or aromatic spices. 14.95

Shahi Paneer | A preparation of paneer in a thick gravy made up of cream, tomatoes and fragrant spices. Paneer is a word for homemade Indian cottage cheese and Shahi is the term for Royal. 14.95

Punjabi Style Sukhi Sabji | An all-time favourite Punjab, the mixed vegetable is made of variety of vegies perked up with aromatic spices. 14.95

| Rice |

Biryani | A choice of chicken, lamb or beef cooked a in light sauce of aromatic spices stirred through Basmati rice. 16.95

Small Plain Basmati Rice | 1.95

Large Plain Basmati Rice | 2.95

| From the Tandoor (clay oven) |

Freshly baked bread flame roasted in the famous Tandoor oven.

Naan | Tandoor roasted flat bread. 3.00

Garlic Naan | Naan with garlic & touch of butter. 3.50

Cheese Naan | Naan filled with cheese. 3.95

Cheese & Garlic Naan | Naan with cheese & garlic. 4.50

Keema Naan | Naan with seasoned lamb mince. 4.95

Peshawari Naan | Naan with a filling of dry fruits. 4.95

Vegetable Naan | Naan with potato & vege filling. 4.95

Roti | Wholemeal roasted bread, healthy & delicious. 3.50

| Tasty Extras |

Raita | Homemade yogurt with cucumber. 2.95

Kuchumber | Chopped onion & tomato. 2.95

Mango Chutney | 2.95

Mixed Pickles | 2.95

Lime Pickles | 2.95

Papadams | (4 pieces). 2.95

| Mohr Special Banquet |


Entree | Bhaji & Seekh Kabab,

Mains | 2 Mains of your choice (except seafood)

Bread | a Garlic or Plain Naan,

Tasty Extras | Raita, Papadums & Rice

Just $ | 29.50 per head (minimum 2 people)

Sorry no variations allowed.